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Brothers At War feature film.

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To make an Investment into an immm television or film project you can either invest online or offline.


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Browse current television & film investments on offer by immm.


Brothers At War features in FHM

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Loan Applications
IMMM has streamlined a loan application process for those who need a personal loan to invest into an immm project.


All forms on this website can be downloaded here in acrobat format. Investment forms, Syndicate Application form, Loan Application form and more.


Read the latest news immm television & film investments and find out other news and promotions to do with immm.



International Movie Makers Market - IMMM is a bulletin board that showcases investments into Australian Feature film and television projects and other fields such as pokie games and online gaming. IMMM offers Australian and international investors the opportunity to invest into well researched, top quality investments. To view what projects are currently online please click here. Purchasing shares in investment opportunities offered by IMMM can be done offline by downloading a manual investment application form or contacting IMMM; or alternatively online by clicking into the appropriate section of this website.

More information: About IMMM

  10BA Tax ruling
Many IMMM investment projects have a 10BA tax ruling from the Australian Tax Office. This can be extremely beneficial to Australian investors but also International investors who have tax obligations within Australia as a investor can receive an up to 90% tax break on returns from IMMM investments. To read more on the Australian Tax Offices 10BA tax ruling click here.

More information: http://www.afc.gov.au

  Investing online
IMMM offers the convenience of making an investment online. This option offers those who wish to make an investment a quick and simple solution. IMMM has utilized the latest and most secure technology in order to provide users with total confidence when passing sensitive details over the Internet. Purchasing can be made using Visa, MasterCard or Bankcard (Sorry, no AMEX or Diners). To make an investment online click on the 'Invest' link on this screen. All moneys taken by investors are held in a TS Accountants trust account until the investment project has met its set targets. If an IMMM project is not successful in starting production for any number of reasons, all investors are refunded their investment purchase amounts.

More information: Invest Online, Browse current investments


Some investments offered by IMMM have what is called 'Syndicate offerings'. This means that IMMM has pre-arranged for a particular organization(s) or grouping(s) to have their members buy into IMMM investment opportunities on special conditions not offered to the general public. This arrangement has worked for such bodies as Unions, associations, guilds, companies, online memberships and many more. Syndicate members can purchase shares offline by downloading a manual investment application form; or online by clicking into the appropriate section of this website. To enlist your grouping as a syndicate contact IMMM or download the Syndicate Application form.

More information: Forms (Syndicate application form), Invest Online



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